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A not-for-profit initiative

to help our St Mary’s staff

The post-Christmas Covid surge on our Island was uniquely extreme, at a time when hospital resources were already overstretched. While there is good news about vaccinations and falling infection rates, this crisis is definitively NOT over for the staff working on the frontline. While they face many more weeks of attrition, this project enables the whole Island community to offer their thanks and support to their NHS staff.

Our aim is to provide those staff who are sometimes too physically and emotionally exhausted to cook, with a wholesome, sustaining, and easy-to-prepare meal at the end of their shift. This will provide moral support along with the knowledge that the whole community appreciates what they are going through, and genuinely wants to thank them for everything that they are doing for our Island.

It's our hospital

they deserve our thanks

Our doctors and nurses are continuing to work long and exhausting hours on our packed hospital wards. As they leave the hospital early each morning or each evening after a long stressful shift, we will provide them with a freshly prepared dish of Island produce to take home with grateful thanks from the whole Island community.


Key points

Key points


Support the Frontline has set up a chilled distribution point at the staff entrance of the hospital, manned by hospital volunteers, to distribute these meals with an occasional spoiling gesture, as these key workers head home.

Local Suppliers

Support the Frontline is purchasing the ingredients and packaging for local chefs and kitchens, who are donating their time, facilities, and inspiration to support and thank the frontline staff at our hospital.

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Further Support

We are incredibly grateful for the support that we are receiving from retailers throughout the Island and for the chefs, restaurants and hotels that are already providing their support. But we need more! With the help of volunteers at St Mary’s we have all the logistics in place, but we need the services and facilities of more chefs and kitchens across the Island to ensure a continuous supply of delicious meals or sumptuous Island-made snacks and treats. email us here if you are able to offer us your support.

Raising Funds

We now need to raise the funds to cover the costs of this urgent and important initiative.

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Help us now

Even with the fantastic voluntary support of so many Islanders and Island establishments, there are substantial financial costs associated with such a large initiative. We are asking all Island businesses, residents and regular Island visitors to please help us over the next crucial six to ten weeks, by giving as generously as you can. We can ensure that every pound we receive, will go directly to the frontline. Just click on the DONATE button to help us to thank our wonderful frontline staff at our Island’s hospital.

St Mary’s has over 3000 staff. We need to provide 300-500 meals per day. A similar, hugely successful project in South London is currently delivering over 1,500 meals a day to local hospitals. We can only do this with your financial support and the help of the whole community.


the frontline

We thank you

in anticipation of your valued support.

We are asking all residents and regular Island visitors to please help us over these crucial six to ten weeks, by giving as generously as you can. Thanks go to the up-front support of some local businessmen who have freely provided their time and effort, to ensure that every pound we receive, will go directly to the frontline.



Local Suppliers

We are Proud to Work With

these local suppliers and supporters
If you are a local supplier that may be able to help with this initiative then please get in touch.
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